Swoppy gives you console feels
for your iPhone

On the streets with Swoppy

Roaming the streets of Christchurch and putting Swoppy infront of people was such a joyful experiance. We just love putting smiles on peoples faces and can't wait to have our final product on the market. Check out the video and see for yourself.

Turn your phone into fun!

Swap your Swoppy

Is Swoppy for me?

Is Swoppy for me?

Swoppy is for you

if you love convenience:

  • double use (protective case/console)
  • no cartridges needed
  • allows you play open source games

if you own an iPhone
(but don’t worry, we will expand our offening in the future)

if you miss that satisfying click of a button when gaming

If you feel the warm nostalgic fuzzies

Is it for you? Share your thoughts, share your love!



Your phone is safe with Swoppy. Protect it from knocks, drops and scrapes!


Enjoy Gameboy Original and Color games with tactile buttons on your phone!


No detail is overlooked. NZ designed and made. Fully recyclable.


Swoppy phone case gaming console
  • Transforms your phone into a physical Gameboy.
  • 8 soft tactile buttons. No electronics or batteries are involved!
  • Request your phone model

Web App

  • Allows you to play your Gameboy Original and Color games on your phone.
  • Runs on Android and iOS phones.
  • Especially designed for and included with every Swoppy case.

Playing games...

The Team

Regina Speer

Chief Unicorn Wrangler
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Enya Mckeown

The Business Unicorn
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Sara Pennington

The Design Unicorn
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